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The State of the Shred.

I thought I could give y'all an update of what is going on with shredlove and the shred dogz.

2012 was a slow year for shredlove. Most contributors stopped posting, took on other projects, and even moved away. This isn’t the end of us though. This is merely life getting in the way.

Bdrum is a College boy now. He has dedicated majority of his time to good grades and good work ethic. We expect a return from him in early 2014.

Donald and Ben are getting shit done locally and nationally. They’re starting to live the dream and we’re quite jealous of them.

Nick Gar and Kevin Romar are fucking ridiculous. Both of them turned Pro in 2012 and we couldn’t be more proud. Next up, JuJu and Alec.

Rob is hanging out with the HB crew who just put out lotide, an amazing homey video.

G is working a ton as well, but still jumps on the shred stick when he can.

Randall is holding down Furnace so you kids have a place to pick up the latest goods.

Blood is now reppin’ DGK and The Kayo Corp all over Southern California.

I, Chad, haven’t been skating much since I decided to “take the year off”. I’m hoping we can jump back in for 2013.

Anyone else I haven’t heard much from, we’ll catch up with you at the Christmas party this year!